Telephony and VoIP

Sussex Backup - Telephony and VoIPAt Sussex Back up we provide a comprehensive VoIP & telephony service

What is it?
A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony system is a telecommunications system that uses the Internet to transmit telephone calls, providing you with an alternative to traditional hardware based telephone systems.

Who is it for?
It can be used for personal or commercial use, but it is particularly ideal if you would like more than one phone line, but want to avoid the cost of having additional lines installed.

What are the advantages?
You can enjoy all of the features that you currently enjoy with your existing telephone system as well as a wide range of other features and benefits that are only available from a hosted environment:

  • You can enjoy cheaper phone calls at competitive set prices
  • There is an easy to use web interface so you can manage extension numbers and call groups
  • You can keep your existing phone number
  • No expensive PBX box is needed
  • Calls between your VoIP users are free
  • It is a flexible system that grows with your business, you can have as many users and phone numbers as you want
  • You are not tied to a physical address, so you can move your business without changing your contact information or have to suffer down time
  • You can answer your calls anywhere, whether you are in the office, at home, on your mobile, or abroad
  • The system requires a single broadband connection, but you can have multiple users operating simultaneously
  • You can set up additional users without having to install another phone line
  • You can still enjoy all the features of a PBX system, including: voicemail, welcome messages, voice menu’s, hold music, conference calls, call transfers, call redirects and out of hours messages

Traditional (PSTN) telephony
At Sussex Backup we understand that VoIP telephony isn’t for everyone. For example, you may operate from an area where broadband coverage isn’t good or reliable enough or you may have invested in a PBX and handsets already and want to continue using those. In this situation, we can offer you a competitive line rental and call charges which could save you money on your existing telephony.