Professional data backup


Are you prepared if:

  • Your computer hardware fails?
  • You get a devastating virus?
  • Files get deleted by mistake or wrong data entered?
  • Your premises suffer a disaster?
  • Your system is hacked or files deleted?
  • Your computer is lost or stolen?

Don’t risk it

It’s surprising just how many companies still fail to back up their data considering how easy it is to setup and how hard it would be to recover that information if it got lost. Why take such a huge risk when you can have complete peace of mind using our service?

Easy and fast
Backing up your data is no longer a laborious task involving burning CD’s or taking home tapes, now it is carried out via a secure connection over the internet. Your data is fully encrypted and no one else can see your data, not even us. Once the software has been set up on your system, our service can run in the background as an automated process or you can operate it manually, it’s completely up to you.

Who is it for?
Anyone and everyone with a computer, whether you’re a private individual that wants to protect your home files, such as, photographs and music, or if you’re a freelancer/ contractor, business or other organisation wanting to protect your data.

The benefits:
Your data can be automatically encrypted and backed up safely offsite.
You can select which files you would like to back up.
Once you have made your first back up only your changes are updated, so it is a fast and easy process that will not slow down your system.
It is easy to use and simple to restore your data should a problem occur.
Your data is stored in two seperate locations for extra protection.
It is cost effective with prices starting from only £10 per month

Backup Monitoring:
For extra peace of mind, we also monitor your backups as part of the service, making sure that backups are successful and run regularly.

How to get started?

Contact us on 01273 900895 and we will help you to install the software free of charge. This will ensure you back up the right data and that everything runs smoothly from the start. We can also answer any questions that you may have.