File synchronisation and sharing


In today’s world, where people use multiple computers and devices on a regular basis, users need to be able to access all their files regardless of which computer, tablet or phone they happen to be using at the time.
Furthermore, with people working together but in geographically separated locations, there is a need to collaborate with minimum hassle.

Our File synchronization and sharing service enables these two objectives. First, it will keep all your files organised and up-to-date between your various devices so say Goodbye to needing to email this important document to yourself when you leave your computer and Hello to having all of your documents all of the time wherever you need them on all of your devices plus on a web portal should you need to access them from a public machine.

Second, if you need to collaborate and work together with other people this system can also be used to letting co-workers or even clients or suppliers access some or all of your documents on a read/write or read only basis. This will allow people to collaborate easily with previous versions of modified files easily available to revert to should the need arise

Once you start using this system we promise you wouldn’t understand how you’ve ever managed without it.

Our clients use our solution for various tasks including keeping legal documents, sensitive client information files and day to day forms and letters needed for the smooth running of their business.

Finally, by nature, it can also be used as your file backup solution if you don’t require our more comprehensive solution

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