Do you still use Windows 7? Get a free upgrade to Windows 10 now!

We can offer you an upgrade of your PC to Windows 10 without the need to purchase it from Microsoft.

The support from Microsoft for Windows 7 ended on 14 January 20201. This means you won’t get new security updates for it. This could become risky over time, because new vulnerabilities of the system won’t be fixed anymore. But we can still do the upgrade to Windows 10 for now.

It is recommended to upgrade to Windows 10 to be protected and to enjoy all the new features offered with this Operating System. The upgrade can be done only if you currently run Windows 7 or 82 and all your programs3, documents, pictures and other data will be kept.

You can contact us anytime, if you would like your PC to be upgraded or if you have any questions. You can chat to us or send a message in the box on the bottom right or call us on 01273 900895.

2 A genuine activated version of Windows 7 or 8 is required.
3 We cannot guarantee the compatibility of all installed programs with Windows 10. In some cases separate updates might be required but we’ll be able to advise you on that prior to the upgrade.