Changing your default search provider

You may not know it but in the modern Internet Explorer browsers (version 7,8) you can search the internet directly from a search box built into the browser and in I.E. version 9 you can search directly from the address line itself. Go on, have a try. You don’t need to go to to actually search…

However, when you get a new PC, Internet explorer is pre-configured to use Bing (the Microsoft search engine) and it looks like Microsoft are trying their best to block users from changing their default search provider to something more useful like Google for example. When you go to tools-> manage add-ons in Internet Explorer 9 in the UK and try to add a new search provider you are taken to a non-working page and so you are stuck with Bing.

The solution: go to where you can add Google with minimum fuss as your search provider.

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