Broadband connectivity

Broadband ConnectivityAt Sussex Backup we are able to offer our customers a superior broadband connection service. We have chosen to work with a wholesale broadband supplier. This means that we can provide you with a range of benefits that are not available through using a ‘high street’ provider and for similar prices.

Why use our service?

We can offer you a superior service with excellent levels of connectivity because our broadband solution has been designed purely for the needs of businesses. From ADSL and FTTC to EFM we can provide you with the right solution to your needs.

If things ever go wrong we will take care of any troubleshooting that you may require. This means that you will be speaking to someone you know and who knows you, not a call centre abroad. If you are local, we could even visit your premises to get you back online that much sooner.

We have access to your Connection Management Platform so that we can troubleshoot the majority of problems ourselves if and when they arise.

In addition, our broadband connections are especially recommended to our VoIP users. This is because our VoIP and broadband are provided by the same company, thereby offering a direct connection which means the highest quality of VoIP service and not “falling between the cracks” if things go wrong.